My name is John Sweeney and I am a former victim of child sex abuse whose story was broken by CBS news in 2011. After spending the last eight years in trauma therapy I have learned that there is a need for more trauma centers throughout our country for victims of child sex abuse. So the concept of Safe Haven Trauma Center was born.There simply are not enough properly administered and staffed trauma centers for child sex abuse victims. The CDC in Atlanta, which tracks child sex abuse, states that one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually molested before the age of 17. Before I could get help in Boston Massachusetts I was placed on a six month waiting list before I could even get in to see the type of therapist needed to help in my recovery.

Safe Haven trauma Center will staff properly trained PTSD therapists , many of whom will be child sex abuse victims themselves. This will speed up the healing process of child sex abuse victims because of the trust that they will share with their therapist, which allows children to open up about their abuse quicker which will allow their healing to start faster. Our model our will be based on a 10 acre farm consisting of various animals for therapy, growing vegetables as well as sleeping facilities, Group and Individual Therapy Centers. Our goal is after our team of professionals wrap our hands around our first location in Florida, we will expand our model to other states throughout the country. This will be achieved thru Special Forces “Cross Training Techniques “. We are the masters of “Force Multiplier’s”.

PTSD Therapy will also be provided for any Veterans that are in need of assistance. It doesn’t matter if your trauma was caused by MST (Military Sexual Trauma), or your friend who got blown up in front of you by an IED.

Providing PTSD Therapy for survivors of child sex abuse will be free of charge. Children will be placed in our facility through referrals that come from Attorney’s  who specialize in litigating these cases as well as thru our website. Additional victims will come through links from such organizations as Citizens for Kids and Victims advocates such as Marci Hamilton and news articles about our nonprofit.

Legal help will be provided by my brother Ryan Sweeney, who is a former criminal Dade County Florida DA. Ryan is in charge of setting up the Legal referral network throughout the world for putting victims parents in touch with the legal help that a family needs to fight these animals who prey on our kids, and the institutions that help cover it up.