My story about the sexual abuse that occurred on the grounds of Fessenden by a ring of pedophiles was broken by CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller. A link to this story and others can be found on the links page. However, CBS News could only provide sound bites of my story. For my full story during my abuse at the Fessenden School, you can click on the Board of Directors letter by clicking on the link located at the top of the page.

I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. I’ve suffered with PTSD  for over 48 years because of the trauma that I received at the hand’s of this cult of pedophiles. I have seen multiple therapist since my emotional breakdown after I had received the letter from Fessenden’s headmaster Stettler. As a result of the trauma that I received at a very young age, one of the things I learned was how to disassociate from life, which is a coping mechanism that child sex abuse victims utilize to escape reality. My PTSD diagnosis has been corroborated by 3 different psychiatric professionals who all concur that my trauma was caused by my abuse at Fessenden.

It was during my therapy sessions I learned several vital things that lead to a faster road to recovery. The first lesson I learned is that there are not enough child sex abuse trauma therapist in the medical field. I was on a waiting list for 6 months before I could receive treatment at the Trauma Center located in Brookline, Massachusetts. Before I was admitted into the Trauma Center,  I was seeing a psychiatrist located at a Brighton psychiatric clinic who did not have any experience with child sex abuse trauma. But  just being able to talk with a professional was a bonus that reduced my anxiety, depression and nightmares. Initially, my personal health care physician took care of my prescription drugs that are frequently used to treat PTSD patients, but a well staffed Trauma Center should be up to speed with the latest drugs and treatment techniques to bring a patient back inside his ” Window” which will allow them to absorb and understand what triggers episodes of PTSD.

The second thing I’ve learned about child sex abuse victims after talking to several children who were abused is that if the trauma therapist were sexually abused victim themselves, the young children would open up about the trauma that they received faster. This allows their healing to proceed at a more efficient rate.