John Sweeney – #MeToo – The Fight Goes On

My name is John Sweeney.

I’m an ex United States Army Green Beret who graduated number one in his class and for the last eight years of my life I have been fighting to expose the pedophile pandemic that exist throughout the world.

My story was first broken by CBS News and then I was featured in the Boston Globe Spotlight article on child sex abuse .

The CDC out of Atlanta tracks child sex abuse and states that one in four women and one in six men are molested in the United States before they reach the age of 17. According to the 2010 census population, 157 million or female while 150 1.8 million were men.

Think about this for a moment: That translates into 39 million 250,000 females and females and 25,305,060 men.

How do we change these statistics?

A public awareness campaign will help change the laws in this country to abolish the statute of limitations for child sex abuse.

Once these institutions who harbor and conceal the pedophiles amongst them are able to be sued because of the outdated statute of limitations laws that exist in this country, then and only then will our schools in any other institutions where pedophiles infiltrate, start properly vetting their employees.
I have committed my life to doing this job and I hope you will read my upcoming book entitled The Devil’s Playground, A True History of Child Rape and Abuse at the Fessenden School. My book will be released in the next month when I hold my next press conference in Boston, which I believe will uncover the largest child sex abuse scandal in United States school history!
Proceeds from the book will also go to support Safe Haven Trauma, to offer safe haven to those in dire circumstances.

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