Blowing the Lid off Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Fessenden School’s sex abuse scandal is in the spotlight as a resut of media coverage that myself and other victims have brought to light (see last week’s post). I’m on record demanding the school do a truthful investigation into the school’s secret society of pedophiles that for 50 years sexually molested children. This required Fessenden to release the school’s alumni database. Thanks to the help of a Fessenden “insider,” I was able to obtain it and here is what we know:

  1. 855 scrubbed names in years 1952 thru 1986.
  2. The CDC out of Atlanta tracks death rates generationally. From ages 44 thru 64, the Death rates are just under 6%. This comes to 51.3 dead people. that leaves 803 people the school has scrubbed. According to the database, I’m supposed to be DEAD!!!
  3. But, in the past eight years I’ve received four letters from Fessenden at different addresses.
  4. There are also several deleted names, names with the designation “do not contact” etc.

My brother Ryan Sweeney, a former criminal Dade County, Florida D.A. is assisting me in my truthful investigation. Victims should focus on Federal laws. Fessenden has been successfully litigated this way. It would seem the school is just too powerful in Massachusetts to seek local remedy, despite so many coming forward and sharing their stories.

Indeed, Fessenden has been one of too many schools engaged in child sex abuse scandals. This is unacceptable in this day and age of transparency and media. We’re here to blow the lid off this and let the healing begin.

More to follow….

John Sweeney
Charlie Sierra (Call Sign) “Flipper”




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2 thoughts on “Blowing the Lid off Child Sex Abuse Scandal”

  1. Thank God u listened. Gods child…selfless!!!! U we’re chooses for battle and u stepped up to save so many (lost) no, not lost.. because these children would of never been lost if these grown discussing pigs wouldn’t of come in and murder their beautiful, innocent,pure souls. Am I angry? Yeah I am…that’s why we will never stop! God Bless you soldier.

    1. Thank you Trisha for your support. That’s why I keep pressing forward to uncover these despicable acts of violence on our children.

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